Dr. Wen Zhang – Personal Webpage

Current HDR Students

  1. PhD student, Miss Wenxing Yang (co-supervisor), “Multi-channel Dereverberation”, NWPU, 2017-present.

  2. PhD student, Mr Junqin Zhang (co-supervisor), “Multizone Reproduction”, NWPU, 2017-present.

  3. Master student, Mr Yuzhu Wang (co-supervisor), “In-car audio system”, NWPU, 2017-present.

  4. PhD Student, Mr. Fei Ma (co-supervisor), ‘‘Acoustic Channel Modelling and Estimation’’, ANU, 2015-present.

  5. PhD Student, Miss Jihui Zhang (co-supervisor), ‘‘Wave-domain Active Noise Control", ANU, 2014-present.

  6. PhD Student, Mr. Xiang Wu (co-supervisor), ‘‘Binaural Source Separation and Localization’’, ANU, 2013-present.

Former HDR Students

  1. PhD Student, Mr. Hanchi Chen (co-supervisor), ‘‘Active Noise Control’’, ANU, 2013-2017. (Research Fellow, ANU )

  2. PhD Student, Mr. Dumidu Talagala (co-supervisor), ‘‘Array Signal Processing Algorithms for Localization and Equalisation in Complex Acoustic Channels’’, ANU, 2012-2013. (Senior Researcher, ARM UK )